Conrado Estrella III Biography

Conrado Estrella III is a Filipino politician. He is currently serving as a congressman who won as first nominee of Abono Partylist in the May 13, 2019 election.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Conrado M. Estrella III
Hometown –> Pangasinan, Philippines

Father –> Former Congressman Conrado B. Estrella, Jr.
Brother –> Former Abono Congressman Robert Raymund Estrella Jr.
Grandfather –> Former Agrarian Reform Minister during the Marcos Administration, Congressman, and Governor Conrado Estrella Sr.

Political Career / Work Experiences
2019-Present – Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative
2019-Present – Abono Partylist Representative
* Former Administrator, National Electrification Administration
1987-1995,2001-2010 – Congressman, Sixth District of Pangasinan

Advocacy Programs / Stand on Issues
* Voted NO to ABS-CBN franchise application

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