Famous People from Davao Del Sur

Here is a list of famous people from the province of Davao Del Sur in Region 11. They are enumerated by city and town.

Davao City
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Digos City
Josef F. Cagas – Mayor
Johari G. BaƱa – Vice Mayor
Arsenio A. Latasa – Former Mayor
KZ Tandingan – Singer and Actress

Quirina T. Sarte – Mayor
Eugenio C. Clata – Vice Mayor
Edwin Reyes – Former Mayor
Henri Jean Paul Balinghasay Inting – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Franco M. Calida – Mayor
Vincent Alexes A. Paden – Vice Mayor

Carl Jason Rama – Mayor
Joel D. Calma – Vice Mayor

Arthur D. Davin – Mayor
Donnabel Joy F. Megia – Vice Mayor

Peter Paul T. Valentin – Mayor
Ervin S. Emphasis – Vice Mayor

Vincent F. Fernandez – Mayor
Alfredo O. Panerio – Vice Mayor

Pedro F. Caminero Jr. – Mayor
Francisco L. Guerrero Jr. – Vice Mayor
Antonio Go Pace – Former Mayor
Antonio N. Razonable – Former Mayor
Benjamin A. Saragena – Former Mayor
Carmelo R. De los Cientos III – Former Mayor
Gladys A. Razonable-Gascon – Former Mayor
Gregorio Matas – Former Mayor
Isidro M. Ordaneza – Former Mayor

Santa Cruz
Jaime G. Lao Jr. – Mayor
Jerome A. Undalok – Vice Mayor
Bato DeLa Rosa – Senator, Former Chief of Philippine National Police

Jose Jimmy S. Sagarino – Mayor
Willie S. Villegas – Vice Mayor

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