Gerard Ford Quotes to Inspire us Today, July 14

Gerard Ford was the United States president from August 1974 to January 1977. He was born on this day, July 14 in the year 1913.

Here are some of his words to motivate us.

Gerard Ford Quotes
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“The harder you work, the luckier you are, and I worked like hell.”

“Never be satisfied with less than your very best effort. If you strive for the top and miss, you’ll still ‘beat the pack.'”

“Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.”

“Personal excellence can be achieved by a visionary goal, through planning, dedicated execution, and total follow-through.”

“History and experience tell us that moral progress comes not in comfortable and complacent times, but out of trial and confusion.”

“The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.”

“I believe that truth is the glue that holds government together, not only our government, but civilization itself.”

“In a democracy, the public has a right to know not only what the government decides, but why and by what process.”

“Our great Republic is a government of laws and not of men. Here, the people rule.”

“My goal is for a cooperative world at peace, using its resources to build, not to destroy.”

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