Manila Candidates, 2019 Election Results

Manila Candidates For Mayor
Joseph Estrada (PMP)
Alfredo Lim (PDP-Laban)
Isko Moreno (Francisco Domagoso) (Asenso)

Manila Candidates For Vice Mayor
Amado Bagatsing (KABAKA)
Honey Lacuna (Asenso)
Amando Tetangco (IND)

Manila Candidates For 1st District Congressman
Atong Asilo (PMP)
Manny Lopez (NPC)

Manila Candidates For 2nd District Congressman
Ninong Lacasama (IND)
Alex Lopez (NP)
Rolan Valeriano (Asenso)

Manila Candidates For 3rd District Congressman
Naida Angpin (Lakas)
Yul Servo Nieto (Asenso)

Manila Candidates For 4th District Congressman
Trisha Bonoan-David (NUP)
Chris Gabriel (IND)
Edward Maceda (PMP)

Manila Candidates For 5th District Congressman
Ali Atienza (Lakas)
Cristal Bagatsing (KABAKA)

Manila Candidates For 6th District Congressman
Benny Abante (Asenso)
Yvette Ocampo (Bagumbayan)
Casimiro Sison (PMP)

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Manila City Hall
Manila City Hall (Photo Credit: Patrickroque01 from wiki commons)

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