Inspiring Words For Today, April 17, 2019

“Blessed are those who learn from their pain and suffering for they shall have a great story to share with others.”

Nobody is immune to pain and suffering. Each one has a problem. Yet, our problems, pains and sufferings can serve a purpose. They can be our teacher. If we learn from them, we have something great for our story to share with others.

Think about the rags to riches stories or the best selling memoirs or autobiographies. They are all filled with struggles and personal tragedies. So the next time we feel so hopeless due to the weight of our problems, get a pen and paper. Start writing down the possible lessons that you can learn from your situation. Who knows, your story can be the next entry on the New York Times Book Of The Year!

Inspiring Words For Today April 17 2019
Inspiring Words For Today April 17, 2019 (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

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