Carried Away Lyrics, Video by JM De Guzman

Carried Away Lyrics

Hey look, I made you a song
Don’t you worry, it won’t take long
It just keeps on running on my mind, all day long

Hey look, this is your song
Wait a second, don’t get me wrong
Because I know sweet phrases won’t get you back this time

But I think it would be nice
Just by doing this tonight,
I get a glimpse of your eyes
And I know that I can’t call you mine already
I just want you to see
That I’m built to make you happy
And that’s all I want you to be
I want to make things easy
I love you
But I have to set you free

You might be wondering why I’m here
Hope the point of this song’s clear
All I ever wanted is for you to be near

Repeat Refrain

And if you ever, maybe, somehow change your mind
A little bit,
I’d gladly appreciate it
And if you ever find a little, little, little love inside
That’s enough for me
I will accept it.
But if you think I’m just wasting my time
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
I was,
Carried Away…

Songwriters: Juan Miguel De Guzman

Carried Away Music Video by JM De Guzman

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