Allan Montaño Biography

Allan Montaño is a Filipino politician who is running for senator in the May 13, 2019 election as an independent.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Allan Sablon Montaño
Nickname –> Allan
Birthdate –> (age 49)
Birthplace –> Banga, South Cotabato, Philippines

Educational Attainment
Elementary – Notre Dame of Banga
High School – Notre Dame of Banga
College – Central Philippine University in Iloilo Province
Course – Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Law School – Central Philippine University

Work Experiences
Officer, National Tripartite Efficiency and Integrity Board (NTEIB)

Achievements and Awards
no information

* Federation of Free Workers (FFW)
* Philippine Association of Voluntary Arbitrators (PAVA)

* Federalism
* Death Penalty
* Bangsamoro Autonomy

Scandals and Controversies
No information

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