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Teodoro Agoncillo is a noted Filipino historian, essayist, poet and author. In 1985, he received the National Scientist Award for his contribution to Philippine historiography. He is known as a nationalist author whose books, essays, and poetry often reflects the point of view of the Filipino masses. His book History of the Filipino People is widely used as textbook and some students consider it as their bible in studying the history of the Philippines.

Teodoro Agoncillo
Teodoro Agoncillo (Photo credit: inquirer.net)

Personal Information
Birth Date : November 9, 1912
Died : January 14, 1985
Birthplace : Lemery, Batangas, Philippines

College : University of the Philippines (1934)
Course : Philosophy
Post Graduate (Masteral) : University of the Philippines
Post Graduate (Doctorate) : Doctor of Letters honoris causa from Central Philippine University

Career Highlights
* Worked as a linguistic assistant at the Institute of National Language
* Served as an instructor at the Far Eastern University and the Manuel L. Quezon University
* Faculty Member and later Chair of the Department of History, University of the Philippines
* Member, National Historical Institute
* Published several historical books, essays and poems (His essays were later collected and published with the title History and Culture, Language and Literature: Selected Essays of Teodoro A. Agoncillo edited by Dr. Bernardita Reyes Churchill).

Books Published
* Ang Kasaysayan Ng Pilipinas (the History of the Philippines)
* The Revolt of the Masses: The story of Bonifacio and The Katipunan
* Malolos: The Crisis of the Republic
* The Fateful Years (The Philippines During World War II)
* The Writings and Trials of Bonifacio
* History of the Filipino People

1985 – National Scientist

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