Antique History, Geography, Economy

Antique History

Antique History
Antique Provincial Capitol (Photo Credit:

Profile of Antique province (Geography)
Location –> Panay Island, Western Visayas Region, Philippines (See map below)
Neighboring Provinces –> Iloilo and Aklan
Capital –> San Jose de Buenavista
Area –> 2,729.17 km2 (1,053.74 sq mi)
Population –> 582,012 (2015 census)
Terrain –> Mountainous with narrow coastal areas
*Notable mountains include Mt. Nangtud (2,048 meters high), Mt. Llorente (1,479), and Mt. Inaman (1,350)
Industries –> Agriculture
Major Products –> Rice, Corn, Fish
People/Language –> Kinaray-a, Caluyanon, Hiligaynon, Cuyonon, Ati
Government Officials
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Cities –> None
Municipalities (Towns) –> (18) Anini-y, Barbaza, Belison, Bugasong, Caluya, Culasi, Tobias, Hamtic, Laua-an, Libertad, Pandan, Patnongon, San Jose de Buenavista, San Remegio, Sebaste, Sibalom, Tibiao, Valderrama

Antique History

The name Antique is believed to have been derived from Hantík, the local name for the large black ants found on the island of Panay, especially around the municipality of Hamtic, its former capital. The province was under the jurisdiction of Iloilo until 1796 when it was made a separate politico-military province by the Spanish authorities.

In 1802, the capital was transferred from Hamtic to San Jose de Buenavista where it remained until the present.

Pedro V. Jimenez was the first representative of Antique when the Philippine Assembly was opened in 1907.

In 2017, the province hosted the Palarong Pambansa for the very first time.

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Economy of Antique Province

Farming and fishing are the main economic activities in the province. Like in other provinces, the most important agricultural products are rice, corn, and fish. Fruits and vegetables are also produced but not in commercial quantities. Cottage industries include food processing and the production of furniture and handicrafts.

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