Fall Lyrics, Music Video by Janine Teñoso

Fall Lyrics by Janine Teñoso

She woke up one day
Without a smile on her face
Inhaling all the pain
So that her tears would go away
Choosing to forget the promises she made
To the one she loved yesterday

Can it be that possibly easy
To let go
Of the things that mattered dearly before all became a blur
Before love became
The source of her melancholy
Preparing all her words as she breathed slowly

I’m sorry
I’m letting you go
It’s over
I can’t keep holding on
I can’t pretend anymore to love you at all
When I knew I only wanted to fall

She went through the memories
His hands on her waist,
Smiling wide on a sunny day
Cheeks red from his embrace
She lifted up her head twice
Praying she won’t regret what she decides
The choice to leave someone you love
For the things that matter more in life

Repeat Chorus

Who were once dreaming things together
Now act like complete strangers
Once had a promise of forever
Now it’s nothing more than just mere words

Repeat Chorus

Fall Music Video by Janine Teñoso

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