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San Carlos Pangasinan
San Carlos City Pangasinan Seal

Profile of San Carlos City
Location –> Central part of Pangasinan, Ilocos Region, Philippines (See map below)
Neighboring Towns –> Lingayen, Binmaley, Calasiao, Malasique, Basista, Urbiztondo, and Aguilar
Distance from Manila –> 208 kilometers north
Area –> 169.03 km2 (65.26 sq mi)
Population –> 188,571 (2015 census)
*San Carlos is the most populous local government unit in Pangasinan.
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading
No. of Barangays –> 86
Revenue (2016) –> 606,804,968.75

Government Officials
Representative –> Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas
Mayor –> Julier Resuello
Vice Mayor –> Joseres Resuello
City Councilors (Sangguniang Panlungsod Members):
Ruby Ballesteros
Joshua Resuello
Christain Carlo Cansinco
Elpidio Fermin
Jack Lester Soriano
Eduardo Garcia
Samuel Millora
Alberto Castro
Carmina Paningbatan
Generoso Tulagan

San Carlos City History

Binalatongan is the old name of this place before the Spaniards came. It was the capital of a small kingdom which included parts of the neighboring provinces today. When the Spanish Dominican friars arrived, they started evangelizing the local people but there were a lot of abuses committed against the latter.

In 1762, Juan de la Cruz Palaris led a revolt against the Spaniards. The King of Spain became very angry and issued an order to change the name to San Carlos.

On January 1, 1966, San Carlos became a city after the people ratified Republic Act no. 4487 which was signed by then President Ferdinand Marcos through the efforts of Congressman Angel B. Fernandez.

In 2007, then Mayor Julian Resuello was assassinated in Barangay Elang. He was running for the position of vice mayor for the election that year.

San Carlos Pangasinan Tourist Spots

Binalatongan Ruins in San Juan
City Plaza
Saint Dominic Guzman Parish
San Juan River
Speaker Eugenio Perez Memorial Park

San carlos Festivals

Mango-Bamboo Festival

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  1. I have never visited the Phililipines but through reading your posts I’m learning more about the country – thank you.

  2. May I suggest (and better be) to revert our city name to its native name BINALATONGAN. We are no longer under Spanish authorities who renamed our town to San Carlos to honor their king then. It’s a long time since then. So to refresh our culture and history, let’s better revert to BINALATONGAN. Besides, there are hidden advantages and luck (that I could not write in this column) in our native name.

    • Actually I thought about this too. Besides, there is already San Carlos City in Negros. So in terms of marketing our city to potential tourists, it’s kind of difficult. The name San Carlos is not unique. Let’s campaign for the renaming of our city.

    May 11, 2022 11:30 PM
    I am a widowed, Filipino American, retired environmental engineer who came back to stay in San Carlos city after 35 years,from Ca. USA. I introduced myself to the city Mayor Ayoy Resuello, the Parish priest of St Dominic church, Fr Mar Sanchez, the SDO school Superintendent Lourdes Servito and to Engineer Marcelo Casillan Jr.,a philanthropist, to serve as a volunteer for different projects. Some of these are the cementing of the muddy pathways at the public cemetery where the late Speaker Eugenio Perez & family and other families are buried including my dad, the late Dr. Vicente M. Samson. Also to plant pine trees and flowers to beautify the place similar to the new memorial parks in the city. Mayor Ayoy Resuello approved the use, during non-school days, of the central 1 & 2 & SEPNAS as a public park for senior citizens, balikbayans, families, tourists and stakeholders for walking, playing basketball,tennis, using the wellness gym, libraries, visiting the cultural & historical museum and a place of relaxation where nature is a living experience.We also started to refurbish the ancestral home of the late Speaker Eugenio Perez and to make it a tourist spot like Rizal’s home in Calamba,Laguna. We will need the endorsement of our Congresswoman Rachel Arenas for a budget from the congress. I am proud to be a Filipino and am inviting our kababayans abroad to visit and/or retire here in San Carlos city. mabuhay tayong lahat!

    • please delete complete article of mitos nicdao…thanks i appreciate.. i need to personally ask the permission of using the names of the persons i mentioned in my article…this is Philippine culture

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