Apayao Province History, Geography, Economy

Apayao Province History

Apayao Province History
Apayao Provincial Capitol (Credit: Facebook Page)

Profile of Apayao (Geography)
Location –> Cordillera Region in Northern Luzon, Philippines (See map below)
Neighboring Provinces –> Cagayan, Kalinga, Abra, Ilocos Norte
Capital –> Kabugao
Area –> 4,413.35 km2 (1,704.00 sq mi)
Population –> 119,184
Terrain –> Mountainous with rolling hills and plains in the northeastern part
Industries –> Agriculture, Cottage
Major Products –> Rice, Corn, Root crops, Coffee
People/Language –> Apayaos, Ilocanos

Government Officials
Representative (Lone District) –> Elias C. Bulut, Jr.
Governor –> Eleanor Bulut-Begtang
Vice Governor –> Remy Albano

Municipalities (Towns) –> Calanasan, Conner, Flora, Kabugao, Luna, Pudtol, Santa Marcela


The ruins of a church in the town of Pudtol indicates that the Spaniards tried to evangelized the local people of Apayao as early as late 17th century. At that time, the area was part of Cagayan Province.

On August 13, 1908, Apayao became a sub-province of the huge Mountain Province by virtue of Act No. 1876. On June 18, 1966, Apayao became part of Kalinga-Apayao Province when Mountain Province was split into four provinces through the enactment of Republic Act No. 4695.

With the passage of Republic Act No. 7878, Apayao was split from Kalinga on May 8, 1995 to become a separate Province.

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Apayao is largely an agricultural area. The primary products are rice, corn, coffee, and rootcrops such as sweet potato, yam and taro. Many locals are also engage in the manufacture of furniture, woven clothes and handicraft.
The government is doing its best to promote the province as a tourist destination but accessibility is quite a challenge due to the mountainous terrain and modern roads hve to be built first.

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