Mario Maurer Movies 2007 – 2020

Mario Maurer movies 2019 and before are listed below. For his background, read Mario Maurer biography.

2020 – (To be released soon). The new movie is still under production.

2017 – Saranair Love You

2016 – Take Me Home

2015 – Prisana

2013 – Jan Dara: The Finale

2013 – Pee mak – This is a commedy-horror film that until now is Thailand’s highest grossing-film.

2012 – Love On That Day

2012 – Rak Sud Teen

2012 – Friends Never Die

2012 – Suddenly It’s Magic

2012 – Jan Dara: The Beginning – This film shows a lot of erotic scenes and therefore needs strong parental guidance.

2011 – Bangkok Assassins

2011 – The Outrage

2010 – Saranae

2010 – The Dog

2010 – Eternity

2010 – First Love – also titled as Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

2010 – Saranae Siblor

2009 – Rahtree Revenge

2009 – Rahtree Reborn

2008 – Four Romance

2008 – Friendship – (Thai: เฟรนด์ชิพ เธอกับฉัน) This film is about Singha (Mario) and Mituna’s (Apinya Sakuljaroensuk) endless love for each other. The movie is set in the early 1970’s.

2007 – The Love of Siam (Rak Haeng Siam, Thai: รักแห่งสยาม)
This is the first movie of Mario Maurer which tells about the friendship and love between two boys, Tong (played by Mario Maurer) and Mew (Witwisit Hiranyawongkul). It was a box-office hit and received critical acclaim which propelled Mario to instant stardom. Watch the movie trailer below.

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