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Coco Martin Latest News 2019

Apr 12 – Julia Montes pregnancy rumor continues with Coco Martin as the father but neither of them is confirming nor denying. Read more…

Feb 27 – Coco Martin gives finanacial help to the family of his dear friend Kristoffer King. Read more…

Jan 13 – Coco Martin and Julia Montes spotted in Germany (Korean Drama News )
Jan 8 – Coco Martin Going to Germany to Meet Julia Montes? (

Coco Martin Latest News 2018
Dec 17 – Coco Martin Denies Pregnancy of Julia Montes (

Love Life

In the past, Coco Martin had a working relationship with actress Katherine Luna who bore a child and claimed publicly that Coco is the father. Though Coco has given support to the child, he denies being the father. Aside from Katherine, Coco was also rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship Yassi Pressman but he denied it. For now, he has no time for a girlfriend. He explained in an interview that his priority is work and saving money. Watch the interview here.

Despite his profession that he is single, there is the persistent rumor that Coco is in a relationship with screen partner Julia Montes. Read latest news about Coco Martin above.

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Coco Martin
Coco Martin (Photo Credit: Instagram)

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