Life is not a Game

Life is not a game

Life is not a Game

Life is not a game
Where you win or lose.
Life is a journey
Where you can walk or run at your own pace;
Where you can experience
stumbling down and rising up;
Where you can be sneered at or cheered up.
Life is a journey
Where you and you alone will travel.
At some points, people will join you
Then they will leave you
And you will be on your own again.
Your journey is a given.
How you travel it is up to you.
You can make it miserable or enjoyable.
But you have to travel it.
You cannot avoid it
Nor can you let another person travel it for you.
Don’t be afraid and never give up.
At the end of the journey, you will look back and say:
“Thank you God for the journey. You designed perfectly just for me.”

(with copyright, originally published as a slideshow on Facebook)

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