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Gumaca is a municipality of Quezon, a province in CaLaBaRZon Region or Region 4-A, Philippines. It has an area of 189.65 square kilometers and as of 2020, it has a population of 71,942. It is politically subdivided into 59 barangays and in the election of 2022, the municipality registered 46,520 voters.

Gumaca History
It is believed that the earliest settlers in Gumaca arrived from Borneo and the Malay Peninsula in the 14th Century. Lakan Bugtali was the earliest known ruler whose sovereignty extended over the present neighboring towns including Alabat Island. He became famous for killing the pirate Lam Ong from whom the name Lamon Bay came from.
The last known ruler was Lakan Gitingan.

In 1574, the first Spaniards arrived and established a settlement led by Fr. Diego de Oropesa who belonged to the Franciscan Order. St. Diego de Alcala was then chosen as the Patron Saint of the area. In 1582, the settlement was elevated into a Visita, a Spanish unit visited by a Visitador.

Gumaca was ruled by Spanish Friars from 1574 to 1670 and by gobernadorcillos from 1671 to 1893 with Don Diego Jose as the first gobernadorcillo. From 1893 to 1900 the town executives were known as Capitan Municipal and from 1901 to 1935, the head of the town was elected by the people and came to be known as Presidente Municipal. Don Donato T. Arcaya was the first elected Presidente Municipal de Gumaca. It was in 1936 that the chief leader was called Municipal Mayor with Don Vicente M. Mendoza as the first to have the title mayor of Gumaca.

Don Tomas Tañada Sr., the patriarch of the famous Tañada family, became Gumaca’s President Municipal in 1909.

In the census of 1903, Gumaca had a population of 5,324. This number increased to 27,284 and to 60,191 in 2020.

The town of Gumaca was part of the second legislative district of Tayabas from 1907 to 1949 and the second legislative district of Quezon Province from 1949 to 1972. Under the current 1987 Philippine Constitution, Gumaca is part of Quezon Province’s 4th legislative district.

Go here to see the current mayor, vice mayor and councilors of Gumaca Municipality.

Gumaca Tourist Spots
Kutang San Diego (Fortress)
San Diego Park
San Diego de Alcala Cathedral
Lamon Bay (Gusuan Bay)
Plaza Rizal
Muralla (Coastal Wall)
Shrine of St. Vincent Ferrer

Gumaca Festival
Araña’t Baluarte Festival

Gumaca Map

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Gumaca Poblacion

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