Trading Strategies for No Risk Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading in cryptocurrencies is becoming more than simply an alluring way to make money; it has also come under increased regulatory scrutiny and widespread attention in the mainstream media. Know more about immediate edge by Click link.

According to a statistic that was published not too long ago in the press, more than 10 crore people in India hold cryptocurrency. During this holiday season, the number may grow by an even greater margin.

No risk cryptocurrency trading tips

Cryptocurrency trading, on the other hand, is riddled with perils and dangers, not unlike the trading of stocks and commodities. Cryptocurrency market aficionados need to build trading techniques that can make trading both exciting and safe while also a time to reap the long-term rewards that can be derived from crypto trading. Let’s begin by looking through some tactics that can assist you in obtaining favorable returns on your investments.

Day trading

Part of this way to trade is to open positions and then close them out on the same day. A trader’s goal in such a transaction is to make money no matter how the price of a cryptocurrency he chooses changes during the day.

Range trading

The participants in the market also depend on seasoned analysts, who provide resistance and support levels daily. A resistance level is a price that is higher than the current price. The word “resistance” refers to the point above which the price may rise.


Increased trading volumes are a key component of this particular trading technique, which aims to maximize profits. A smart trader is someone who pays attention to the margin requirement and other important rules to avoid having bad trading experiences, even though trading involves risk. Scalpers look at the asset’s historical patterns and volumes to figure out when to enter and leave the market during the same trading day.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

It is advisable to operate on the assumption that timing the market accurately to locate the ideal time at which to enter and leave a cryptocurrency market is almost impossible. Therefore, using a strategy known as “Dollar Cost Averaging” is a method that is recommended for investing in cryptocurrencies (DCA). Direct capital accumulation is the practice of investing a predetermined sum at certain times. This approach frees investors from the burdensome task of timing the markets & enables them to focus instead on accumulating money over the long term.

Diversified investment portfolio

Cryptocurrency trading is still in its early stages. Although many nations have no problem with people exchanging cryptocurrencies, others are still wary of the practice. As a result of the fact that central banks all over the world are focusing on better methods to govern digital currencies, trading in cryptocurrencies is typically an undertaking that is fraught with danger.

Constructing a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio that includes a variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum may go a long way towards minimising the consequences of market volatility. One example of a cryptocurrency portfolio is shown here.

Do firsthand Research

The proper execution of any trading strategy must always include primary research that has been conducted. Conducting primary research just on the worth of the item you plan to acquire does not need you to be a seasoned pro in the field of trading. Keeping up with the constant flow of news about the cryptocurrency business is required for this.

Speculating on the Volatility of Bitcoin

The fact that bitcoin is one of the asset categories that is currently being traded with the most volatility should not come as a surprise to anyone. In recent times, the price of Bitcoin has been subject to swings of approximately 30 percent in a single session. Speculating on how the price of a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin will move can be done through the purchase of futures contracts on Bitcoin. Buying a call option and a put option at the same time is the strategy that should be used to approach this problem. In addition, the strike price as well as the expiry date should be comparable. To get out of the trade when cryptocurrency prices are falling or rising rapidly, you have to sell the call option and the put option simultaneously in order time.

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