Makati City Election 2022 Candidates

Here is the partial and unofficial list of candidates in Makati City, Metro Manila. This is a developing story.

Candidates for mayor:
Abby Binay (Makatizens United Party) – incumbent mayor
Anne Binay (Independent)
John Paul Cruz (PRP)
Rosalinda de Asis (Independent)
Joel Hernandez (Independent)

Candidates for Vice mayor:
Monique Yazmin Maria “Nik” Lagdameo (Makatizens United Party) – incumbent vice mayor
Rodolfo “Kuya Rod” Biolena (Independent)
Reynaldo Magante (PRP)

Candidates for Congressman (First District):
Romulo “Kid” Pena Jr. (LP) – incumbent Congressman
Minnie Antonio (Independent)
Ferdinand “Ferds” Sevilla (Independent)

Candidates for Congressman (Second District):
Luis Jose Angel Campos Jr. (NPC) – incumbent Congressman
Ricardo Opoc (Independent)

Candidates for Councilor (First District):
Martin John Pio Arenas (Makatizens United Party)
Virgilio “Battle” Batalla (Independent)
Victorino “Vicbisaya” Calinawan (Independent)
Catherine Joy “CJ” Canda (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Simon Peter “Mon” Donaire (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Ferdinand “Ferdie” Eusebio (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Laudemer Francisco (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Virgilio “Virjhong” Hilario Jr. (Makatizens United Party)
Luis Javier Jr. (Makatizens United Party)
Fernando “Andoy” Lontoc (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Mariano Lubo (Independent)
Romeo “Romy” Medina (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Rafael Ojeda Jr. (Independent)
Carmina Ortega (Makatizens United Party)
Armando Padilla (Makatizens United Party)
Tosca Camille Puno-Ramos (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Rene Andrei Saguisag (Makatizens United Party)
Joselito “Jojo” Salvador (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Jose “Joey” Villena IV (Makatizens United Party)
Anna Alcina “Alcine Ichi” Yabut (Makatizens United Party)

Candidates for Councilor (Second District):
Benedicto “Benny” Abatay (Partido Pederal ng Maharlika)
Dennis “Alden” Almario (Makatizens United Party)
Maria Dolores “Docdoris” Arayon (Makatizens United Party)
Joel “Bong” Ariones (Makatizens United Party)
Shirley “Aspi” Aspillaga (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Benedict “Bodik” Baniqued (Makatizens United Party)
Nenita “Nette” Briones (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Vann Ryan “Ryansoler” Calimbahin (Makatizens United Party)
Lilibeth “Beth” CariƱo (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Arnold “Sammy” Cruz (Makatizens United Party)
Israel “Boyet” Cruzado (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Teofredo “Fred” Gamotin (Independent)
Rogelio “Kuyaroger” Jurisprudencia (Independent)
Leonardo “Leo” Magpantay (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Edralyn “Ed” Marquez (Makatizens United Party)
Michael Medenceles (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Eduardo “Kuyang” Melegrito (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Jeanne Roque (Reform PH-People’s Party)
Kristina “Ina” Sarosa (Makatizens United Party)

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