Mark 7:31-37 Reflection: Healing of the Deaf Man

A reading from the gospel according to Mark 7:31-37
31 Again Jesus left the district of Tyre and went by way of Sidon to the Sea of Galilee, into the district of the Decapolis.
32 And people brought to him a deaf man who had a speech impediment and begged him to lay his hand on him.
33 He took him off by himself away from the crowd. He put his finger into the man’s ears and, spitting, touched his tongue;
34 then he looked up to heaven and groaned, and said to him, “Ephphatha!” – that is, “Be opened!”
35 And immediately the man’s ears were opened, his speech impediment was removed, and he spoke plainly.
36 He ordered them not to tell anyone. But the more he ordered them not to, the more they proclaimed it.
37 They were exceedingly astonished and they said, “He has done all things well. He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

Reflection: Be Opened

Good News: Jesus has done all things well.

Pointers for Reflection:
1. People brought a deaf man to Jesus for healing. Many good things happen to us because some people cared for us or prayed for us. May we be those kinds of people that God uses to perform miracles. Even through prayers, we can bring the sick to God for healing.
2. Jesus took the deaf away from the crowd. Let us understand that Jesus is not a celebrity who relies on the number of people who applaud for him. His mission of healing is not for show. Do we perform our mission only when the camera is on?
3. Jesus looked up to heaven before he performed the miracle. Jesus shows us to always depend on the power of God because apart from Him, we can do nothing.
4. “Ephphatha!” or “Be opened!” With these words, Jesus made the deaf hear and the mute speak. In faith, let us pray that Jesus do the same thing to us so we can hear His voice and open our mouth to spread the greatness and mercy of God to others. In fact, many times we are deaf and we cannot hear God calling us to repent and to go back to Him. Many times we are mute and we cannot speak the Word of God to others or even to witness for His generosity to us. There is indeed such a thing as spiritual speech impediment! May all followers of Jesus be able to “speak plainly” of the Good News of salvation.
5. Jesus ordered them not to tell anyone because He does not want to suffer and die early at the hands of jealous and fearful authorities. Moreover, He does not want people to be confused very early about His role as the Messiah whom they were waiting. Yet, the people cannot contain their excitement to talk about this amazing work.
6. Indeed Jesus is merciful to us. He does all things well for His people who need help. Jesus is alive and He can make us see, hear and speak about greatness and love. May we be opened to His invitation to listen and follow Him.

Gospel Reading and Reflection
Gospel Reading and Reflection

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