Steve Case Puts America Online

On this day, August 21 in the year 1958, one of the pioneers in the internet revolution was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His name is Stephen McConnell “Steve” Case, co-founder of America Online. According to, his net worth is $1.4 billion as of August, 2020.

Steve Case
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Steve Case was the son of Daniel, a lawyer and Carol Case, an elementary teacher. He finished political science from Williams College in Massachusetts. After graduation, he worked for Procter and Gamble as an assistant brand manager and later, he moved to Pizza Hut, serving as marketing manager.

In 1983, Steve joined a nearly bankrupt computer game company which later on became Quantum Computer Services. In 1991, he became the CEO and renamed the company America Online to properly reflect its main operation which is offering online services such as chat rooms, instant messaging and forums. That year, the company had a million subscribers. In 1995, he was appointed the chairman of the board.

In 2001, AOL merged with Time Warner in a deal worth $164 billion, the highest but considered the worst in history. In 2003, Steve Case resigned as chairman and two years later, he gave up his board seat. That same year, he set up Revolution LLC, an investment firm that has invested in more than 40 start ups as well as plantation farms in Hawaii.

Steve Case married twice and has four daughters and one son.


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