The Rise and Fall of former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes

On this day, May 15 in the year 1940, the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Fox News and the Fox Television Stations Group was born in Ohio, USA. He is Roger Ailes. He was formerly the media consultant of several presidents including Donald Trump.

Roger had a violent childhood. His father was described as abusive. As a child, he suffered from hemophilia. He went to Ohio University and finished a bachelor’s degree in radio and television. He married thrice and has a son with his third wife, Elizabeth Tilson who is a newspaper publisher.

Right after graduation, Roger went to work as a property assistant in a television station in Cleveland, Ohio. Three years after, he was promoted as a producer and then as an executive producer for The Mike Douglas Show program for which he was nominated for an Emmy award.

Roger’s political consulting career started when Richard Nixon tapped him as his Executive Producer for television. He would later work for the campaigns of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. In 1988, he co-authored a book called You Are the Message: Secrets of the Master Communicators which contains his experiences and philosophies in media consulting. When Fox News was formed in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch, he was hired as its first CEO. In 2005, he was named chairman of the Fox Television Stations group.

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