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Mahayag is a 3rd class coastal municipality of Zamboanga Del Sur Province in Region 9, Philippines.

Mahayag Municipal Hall
Mahayag Municipal Hall (Photo Credit: wiki commons)

Profile of Mahayag Municipality (Geography)
Location –> Northern part of Zamboanga del Sur; (See map below)
Neighboring Towns –> Katipunan in Zamboanga Del Norte (north), Molave (east), Ramon Magsaysay and Sominot (south) and Dumingag (west)
Area –> 194.90 km2 (75.25 sq mi)
Population –> 46,516 (2015 Census)
Terrain –> Lowland with high mountains and rolling hills in the northern section of the town
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading
Major Products –> Rice, Coconut, Vegetables, Poultry, Handicraft, Home-made Food Items
People/Language –> Bisaya, Subanen, Tagalog, English
Barangays –> 29
Revenue (2016) –> 137,448,101.27
Legislative District –> 1st
Government Officials
Congressman –> Divina Grace Yu
Mayor –> Manuel Saladaga
Vice Mayor –> Lorna S. Espina

History of Mahayag

The Subanens were the original settlers of the town. The name Mahayag was derived from the their dialect “Boyed Mahayag” which means forested and mountainous area.

Mahayag was formerly a barrio of Molave before it was made an independent municipality on March 9, 1960 pursuant to Executive Order No. 393 issued by President Carlos P. Garcia. Saturnino Mendoza was its first appointed and subsequently elected Municipal Mayor.

Economy of Mahayag

Farming is the main source of livelihood for most of the people of Mahayag. Rice, corn, coconut, and vegetables are the main agricultural products. Some farmers also raise chicken, hogs, goats, and cattle.

The town center called Poblacion is home to many wholesalers, retailers, bakeries, beauty parlors, eateries, and repair shops. Cottage industries include the production of hollow blocks, fashion accessories, handicraft and food items.

Tourist Spots in Mahayag

Tuburan Cold Springs
Kaangayan Cave
Salug River
Guripan Waterfalls

San Miguel Parish Church

Festivals in Mahayag

Feast of St. Michael the Archangel

Map of Mahayag Municipality in Zamboanga Del Sur

See also: Profile of Mayor Manuel Saladaga , Governor Victor Yu

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