Zamboanga Del Sur History, Geography, Economy

Zamboanga Del Sur History

Zamboanga Del Sur History
Zamboanga Del Sur Provincial Capitol (Photo Credit: Facebook Page)

Profile of Zamboanga Del Sur Province (Geography)
Location –> Zamboanga Peninsula Region, Philippines (See map below)
Neighboring Provinces –> Zamboanga del Norte, Misamis Occidental, Lanao Del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay
Capital –> Pagadian City
Area –> 4,499.46 km2 (1,737.25 sq mi)
Population –> 1,010,674 (2015 census) *Excluding Zamboanga City
Terrain –> Mountainous and hilly with broad coastal plains
Industries –> Agriculture, Mining
Major Products –> Rice, Coconut, Rubber
People/Language –> Bisaya, Subanon, Chavacano, Tausug, Iranun, Maranao, Sama-Bajau, and Yakan
Cities –> Pagadian, Zamboanga
Municipalities (Towns) –> (26) Aurora, Bayog, Dimataling, Dinas, Dumalinao, Dumingag, Guipos, Josefina, Kumalarang, Labangan, Lakewood, Lapuyan, Mahayag, Margosatubig, Midsalip, Molave, Pitogo, R. Magsaysay, San Miguel, San Pablo, Sominot, Tabina, Tambulig, Tigbao, Tukuran, Vincenzo A. Sagun

Government Officials
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Zamboanga Del Sur of History

The original inhabitants of the province were the Subanen tribal group. Later, other tribes such as Sama-Bajau, Yakan, Tausūg, and Maranao settled in the coastal areas. Historically, the province was formerly part of the huge Zamboanga Province with Zamboanga City as the capital. On June 6, 1952, Zamboanga Province was split into Del Norte and Del Sur provinces through Republic Act 711. Again, in February of 2001, Republic Act No. 8973 was enacted creating Zamboanga Sibugay province out of some western municipalities of Zamboanga del Sur.

Roseller T. Lim was the first congressman of Zamboanga del Sur after the split of Zamboanga Province into two. He was succeeded by Canuto S.M. Enerio (1957–1961) followed by Vincenzo Sagun (1961-1969) and Vicente M. Cerilles (1969-1972. When the 1987 was promulgated, the province was apportioned two legislative districts.

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Economy of Zamboanga Del Sur

The economy of Zamboanga Del Sur is based on agriculture where rice, corn, coconut, and rubber are produced. The province is rich in minerals and some mining companies have operated in the area for a long time. Tourism is being promoted as an alternative source of livelihood.

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Map of Province

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