Stay at home and make money Online

Yes Virginia! There is actually a lot of activities that one can do at home and get paid for it. At a time when authorities are forcing us to stay at home, it could actually be a golden opportunity to start a new career. And later we might even be thankful that they did force us to stay at home. So what can we do to get a few or a even lot of green bucks without moving our butt outside the door? I strongly suggest online job!

Search the internet for online money-making activities and the tendency is to get bogged down by the sheer number of ways to earn money. So I thought it would not be bad if I add a condensed list of my own. Here it is.

1. Make a video and post it on youtube.

In case you didn’t know yet, this is called vlogging. It means creating your own television channel! It is very easy to do, isn’t it. But to earn money from your channel is the hard part. Here you need a little knowledge on promotion. But if your post is a must-see video, people can make it viral with no effort on your part. So the idea is to post some nice to watch videos. Don’t worry about money. As long as your post generates thousands of views, Google will take care of the money part.

What attractive videos can you make? Do you sing or dance or make some acrobatics? Many are already earning millions on youtube out of these talents. If your tik-tok moves can make people laugh, why not make a video and post it on youtube? Or you think your cat is funny? That too can be a hit. Other engaging activities are how-tos such as how to paint, how to cook, how to do gardening, how to make stuff toys, the list goes on.

2. Create a blog and promote a product or sign up with advertising agents such as Google Adsense.

Of course this is my favorite because it is what I am doing right now!
Yet many people are actually afraid of blogging. It is because they equate it with writing and they think they aren’t skilled in it.

Not all blogs require a good writing skill. If you are into photography, for example, just post your photos and caption them with few words and that’s it. But why is there a problem with writing when you can write in your own language? More on blogging in succeeding articles.

3. Selling products online / Engaging in e-commerce

Instead of spending time chatting or stalking your friends and enemies, why not use your social media accounts to promote and sell simple products? Tell people you have old but still nice-looking dresses on your closet that you want to dispose for 80% discount of their original cost. Or why can’t you be proud to tell people that the make-up kit you are using is the best in the whole solar system and that your friends can enjoy it too on a cash-on-delivery scheme?

There is indeed a lot of stuffs that you can promote on your Facebook, instagram account or website. A few hours of planning, praying, and lots of hard work can make you the next Jeff Bezos!

4. Online Tutoring / Distance Learning

Nowadays, schools are closed and it is not clear when normal classes can start again. In fact, some schools are opting for no-contact learning. So why not start now on your own? You can do Facebook live or zoom meeting style to get to your students.

You are currently teaching a second language or calculus? Great! Youtube can be your classroom and millions can be your students. Don’t be discouraged if a lot of these stuffs are already there because there is always a room for more.

5. Online jobs such as data entry, content writing, web designing, and translating are possible candidates that you can apply for. Just search the net for vacancies.

6. Sell your photos online. Don’t just post them on your social media accounts. Remember you can profit from them or you can even make a new career in photography and win a million dollar in some photography exhibition. Excited? Look for websites to sell your photos.

7. Last but not the least is writing and publishing e-books.

Write your autobiography and publish it as an e-book. Write about anything – your poems, your political commentaries, or your homemaking experiences. Publish and sell it online. If you can sell 1,000 copies to your friends and relatives for say $5 a copy, you can be $5,000 richer. But that’s not the end. You can still sell that same e-book next year and the years after. Then you can now spend money faster than you can spell passive income!

So there you are. Seven options to focus on. For sure there are a lot more ways to make money online. If your interest is not in the above list, you are free to explore. Just remember, somebody said that the way to reach our destination is to take the first step. Be reminded too of the words of Confucius: “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” Have a nice day.

Seven Ways To Make Money Online
Seven Ways To Make Money Online


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  5. Yes Of course blogging can be favorite of anyone who have some writing skill .. You doing right job , Good article . Making money is not that easy as it say’s . You describe it well . How frequently should one to publish article on my blog ?

    • Hi D.J. Thanks for your comment. I don’t think there is a rule about frequency of posting. If there is such a rule, I would gladly break it. If you have an interesting topic that you like to share, just post it regardless of the frequency.

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