Filipino Invention: Lamp Using Water and Salt as Fuel

Would you believe that water and salt can replace kerosene to power a lamp? This is exactly what Aisa Mijeno did when she invented SALT, the brand name of her lamp. It is LED powered by the galvanic reaction of an anode with saline water. The name is is actually an acronym for “sustainable alternative lighting”.

Lamp Invention by Aisa Mijeno
Lamp Invention by Aisa Mijeno (Courtesy of youtube)

The invention can provide light for eight hours. Moreover, it includes a USB port for charging a phone. It is pretty easy to use. Just replenish the saltwater solution and you have another eight hours of lighting. Moreover, it is safe to use because it is not flammable.

In 2015, Aisa Mijeno was recognized for her invention when she joined other leaders from the Asia-Pacific region on the sideline of the APEC summit held in Manila. The meeting was attended by Alibaba founder and billionaire Jack Ma and no less than US President Barack Obama.

The idea to come up with such an invention started when Mejia, a member of Greenpeace Philippines, travelled to a remote village in Kalinga Province in the Cordillera Region of northern Philippines. There, she witnessed first hand how the local folks would walk several kilometers to the town center to buy kerosene to fuel their improvised lamp. With her invention, these people will not have to spend a lot for kerosene.

Mejia has two brothers, Ralph Mijeno and Oscar Bryan Magtibay, who helped her during the conception of the saltwater-powered lamp. Aisa Mijeno herself is a computer engineering graduate who worked as member of the engineering faculty of the De La Salle University in Lipa City, Batangas Province.

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