You Have Arrived Movie Cast, Poster, Trailer

You Have Arrived is a Philippine horror film released October 25, 2019. It is available on iWant, a unit of ABS-CBN Television Network.

Director: Shugo Praico
Writers (Story): Philip King, Shugo Praico
Writers (Screenplay): John Carlo Pacala, Shugo Praico
Producers: Rein Entertainment, CineBro
Distributor: iWant
Released Date: October 25, 2019

Elisse Joson
Barbie Imperial
Arielle Roces
Teejay Marquez
Gem Ramos
Christian Alano
Tommy Driskill
Stephanie Tan
Christopher Ruiz
Hannah Lopez Vito
Yassine Ouahlim

Movie Poster

You Have Arrived Movie Poster
You Have Arrived Movie Poster

Movie Trailer


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