Gregorio Zara Biography, Contribution

Gregorio Zara is a Filipino engineer and inventor who received the National Scientist award in 1978.

Personal Information
Full Name : Gregorio Y. Zara
Birth Date : March 8, 1902
Died : October 15, 1978
Birthplace : Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Spouse : Engracia Laconico (Former Miss Philippines)
Children : Antonio, Pacita, Josefina, and Lourdes

College : Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1926)
Course : Mechanical Engineering
Master : Aeronautical Engineering (summa cum laude), University of Michigan (1927)
Doctorate : Physics (summa cum laude), University of Paris (1930)

Career Highlights
* Member, Board of Directors of the Civil Aeronautics Board
* Member, Board of Directors of the National Shipyards and Steel Corporation
* Head, Aeronautical Engineering Department; Dean of Engineering and Technology; Director of Research; Executive Vice-president; Acting President; and later Member of the Board of Trustees, FEATI University
* Professor of aeronautics, FEATI University
* Instructor of aeronautics, Valeriano Aviation School, American Far Eastern School of Aviation and Far Eastern University
* Vice Chairman and Acting Chairman, National Science Development Board
* Assistant Director and Chief Aeronautical Engineer, Bureau of Aeronautics of the Department of National Defense
* Chief, Aeronautical Division of the DPWC
* Technical Assistant on aviation matters, Office of the Secretary of Department of Public Works and Communications (DPWC)

Contribution to Science/Inventions
TV-telephone system
Wooden microscope
Propeller making machine
Solar energy device
Airplane fueled by alcohol
Earth induction compass
Vapor chamber used to visualize radioactive elements
A functional robot
* In his lifetime, he patented 30 devices.

Published Works
* Development of Commercial Aviation in the Philippines
* Prediction of Airplane Performance at a Glance
* Commercial Aviation in the Philippines
* The Technical Aspect of the Arais & Calvo Manila-Madrid Flight
* Photo elastic Stress Determination
* The Propeller-Cutting Machine
* Industrial Alcohol as Aircraft Fuel

1978 – National Scientist of the Philippines

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