Tarlac City History, Tourist Spots, Festivals

Tarlac City is the capital of Tarlac Province in Central Luzon Region, Philippines.

Tarlac City Hall
Tarlac City Hall *Photo Credit: Facebook Page

Profile of Tarlac City (Geography)
Location –> Central part of Tarlac Province in Central Luzon, Philippines (See map below)
*Distance from Manila –> 129 Kilometers
Neighboring Towns –> Gerona, Victoria, La Paz, Concepcion, Capas, and San Jose
Area –> 274.66 km2 (106.05 sq mi)
Population –> 342,493 (2015 Census)
Terrain –> Flat with hills and mountains in the west
Industries –> Agriculture, Trading, Tourism
Major Products –> Rice, Vegetables, Poultry, Handicraft, Home-made Food Items
People/Language –> Kapampangan, Ilocano, Tagalog, English
No. of Barangays –> 76
Revenue (2016) –> 1,173,725,497.74

City Officials
Go here to see the elected government officials of Tarlac City.

Tarlac City History

Tarlac City was organized by the Spaniards as a fort in 1593 and later became a barrio of Porac. In 1788, it became a separate town with Don Carlos Miguel as the first gobernadorcillo (mayor).

During the Philippine-American War, Tarlac City became the last capital of the short-lived First Philippine Republic. At the San Sebastian Cathedral, the Revolutionary Congress convened under then President and General Emilio Aguinaldo from June 21 to November 12, 1899.

On April 19, 1998, Tarlac was converted into a city by virtue of Republic Act No. 8593.

Economy, Business and Investment

Tarlac City is riped to be declared a highly urbanized city due its large population and high income. It is the chief commercial and educational center of the province. Main agricultural products include rice, sugarcane, and vegetables.

Tarlac City is home to the Central Techno Park, an industrial estate owned by the Cojuangco Family of which former presidents Corazon and her son Noynoy Aquino are members. Electronic, rubber, and other factories are located in this park.

Being strategically located in the dynamic region of Central Luzon and with three expressways passing through it, Tarlac City is foreseen to become an important economic hub of the whole region. The soon-to-be developed Clark Green City in nearby Capas Municipality will enhance the attractive of the city as a magnet for investment.

Tarlac City Tourist Spots

Ninoy Aquino Park
AFP Museum of Tarlac
Ma. Christina Park
San Sebastian Cathedral
Provincial Capitol

Tarlac City Festival

Kaisa Festival (Formerly Melting Pot Festival or Malatarlak Festival)

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Map of Tarlac City

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