Noble Vici Group – Company Profile: History, Address, CEO

The Noble Vici Group is a Singapore-based company but also incorporated in United States. It is “on the cutting edge of technology, through in-house developments and external acquisitions the company is building an ecosystem of IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and E-commerce to form a digital revolution that provides our users with the tools to live and interact in the modern mobile world.”

Three main Subsidiaries:
1. Noble Vici Pte Ltd
2. Noble Infotech Application
3. VenVici

Head Office:
1 Raffles Place, #33-02,
One Raffles Place Tower One,
Singapore 048616

Contact Numbers: +65 6491 7998
Products: E-commerce, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and Big Data
Chief Executive Officer: Sir Eldee Tang
Noble Vici Group started as a developer of gaming and mobile apps based on the functionality of “GT” which originally referred to Game Token. However, its meaning was change to Gamification Ticket in order to differentiate it from Crypto-Token. The technology was later adopted to non-game application
such as e-commerce.

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