Alfredo V. Lagmay Biography, Contributions

Alfredo V. Lagmay is a noted Filipino psychologist who was founding father of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP).

Personal Information
Birth Date : August 14, 1919
Died : December 15, 2005
Birthplace : Manila, Philipppines
Relative: Alfredo Mahar Lagmay (son), UP Professor of Geology

Family Background
Alfred Lagmay came from a poor family. He wanted to study medicine but due to lack of money, he enrolled in psychology.

College : University of the Philippines, cum laude (1947)
Course : Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Note: Mr. Lagmay initially enrolled a course in psychology then later shifted to philosophy
Master’s Degree : Philosophy, UP
Master’s Degree : Psychology, Harvard (1951)
Doctorate : PhD in Psycohology, Harvard University
* Alfred Lagmay was trained under he renowned psychologist and founder of the radical behaviorism movement B.F. Skinner.

Career Highlights
* 1955-1977 – Chair, Department of Psychology, University of the Philippines
* 1973 – Chairman, Philippine Social Science Council
* 1962 – founded the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP)
* Numerous researches on experimental analysis of behavior modification, relaxation and related states, and hypnosis

1993 – National Scientist of the Philippines, the highest award given by the Philippine Government to a distinguished achiever in the physical and social sciences

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