Silver Lining Lyrics, Video by Anja Aguilar

Silver Lining Lyrics

You and I
We tried so hard but still it came to this
We kiss, the last that we’d shared
How can we let go of something that we want so bad
Tell me is there sense to all that?

Love is such a complex thing they say
Need to walk away and yet we want to stay

If someday we meet again
Get pass through all the bends
Our roads have placed against forever
If one day we find that we were really meant to be
Maybe this goodbye could somehow have its silver lining

One last look
I want to take a picture of your smile
Though it’s stained by tears from your eyes
Know that you’ll forever be a part of me, you see
You’re the best that happened to me

Repeat Chorus

Hold me tight if only this could ease the pain
We feel inside
Until the time it’s over

Repeat Chorus

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Silver Lining Music Video by Anja Aguilar

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Silver Lining Lyrics
Silver Lining by Anja Aguilar

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