Aurora Province Tourist Spots By Town

Aurora Province tourist spots include beaches, Waterfalls, Mountains, and historical sites. They are enumerated below by town. Here they are:

Aniao Islet

Baler Beach

Aurora Province Tourist Spots
Baler Beach (Credit: Facebook Page)

Baler Church
Dicasalarin Lighthouse
Diguisit Beach
Ermita Hill
Doña Aurora Aragon-Quezon House
Hanging Bridge
Manuel Luis Quezon Monument
Museo de Baler

Sabang Beach
Tromba Marina Sculpture

Amro River Protected Landscape
Casapsapan Beach

Casapsapan Beach (Credit: )

Canawer Beach
Diniog Beach

Bulawan Falls
Mount Anacuao

Coastal Cove Resort
Dingalan Cave
Dingalan Lighthouse
Lamao Cave

Lamao Cave in Dingalan (Credit: Gma news)

Laktas Falls
Tanawan Falls

Aleman Falls
Amper Beach And Rock Formations
Dinadiawan Beach

Dinadiawan Beach (Credit: The Juander Woman )

Lipit Beach

Maria Aurora
Balete Tree (Millenium Tree)

San Luis
Aurora Memorial National Park
Cunayan Falls
Ditumabo Mother Falls

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