Ifugao Province Tourist Spots, Festivals by Town

Ifugao Province has more tourist spots than just rice terraces. The provincial government and civic organizations are exerting all efforts to promote other interesting destinations so that tourists will have more reasons to visit the province.

Below are the attractions in Ifugao Province listed by municipality.

Alfonso Lista Tourist Spots
Magat Dam
Domingo Integrated Organic Farm
Municipal Forest Library
Wetlands Eco-Tourism Park
BFAR Aqua Park
Yao Jia Xi Dragon Fruit Farm

Aguinaldo Attractions
Ampangal Waterfalls
Mt. Angnge overviewing the Cagayan Valley
Bulinit Rice Terraces
Ducligan Rice Terraces
Henalong Rice Terraces
Jacmal Rice Terraces
Lupong Rice Terraces
Pajpaj Rice Terraces

Asipulo Attractions
1. Julia Campbell Agro-Forest Memorial Park – a 40-hectare organic farmland/virgin forest located in Barangay Pula.

Ifugao Province tourist spots include the Julia Campbell Agro-Forest Memorial Park in Asipulo. (Credit : Facebook Page)

2. Numbungngug Waterfall

Banaue Tourists Attractions
1. Banaue Rice Terraces – Go here to see profile and photos of Banaue Rice Terraces
2. Chapah Waterfall
3. Tam-an Village
4. Batad Rice Terraces
5. Tappiya Waterfall in Batad

Ifugao Province Tourist Spots
Tappiya Waterfall in Barangay Batad

6. Bangaan Rice Terraces
7. Ducligan Rice Terraces
8. Ducligan Hot Spring and Swimming Pool
9. Ducligan Snake River

Ducligan Snake River
Snake River in Ducligan

10. Elloy Waterfall in Ducligan

Ifugao Province Tourist Spots
Elloy Waterfall in Ducligan

11. Guihob River Natural Pool
12. Banaue Museum

Imbayah Festival – held every month of April

Hingyon Tourist Spots
Mount Anapawon

Hungduan Tourist Spots
1. Balentimol Falls in
2. Balen Tunguk Waterfalls in Barangay Baang
3. Nungulunan Rice Terraces
4. Kibayuwong Enchanted Stone
5. Mount Polis – good for trekking/Climbing
6. Mount Kalawitan – good for trekking/Climbing
7. Mt. Napulawan

8. Hapao Rice Terraces
9. Bogyah Hot Spring

Kiangan Tourist Spots

1. Yamashita Shrine – marks the spot where Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita also known as the Tiger of Malaya, surrendered to the combined Filipino-American Forces towards the end of World War II.

Ifugao Province Tourist Spots
Yamashita Shrine in Kiangan Municipality

2. Ifugao Museum – contains not only war memorabilias but also arts and crafts of the ifugaos.
3. Million Dollar Hill – Called as such because of the millions of dollars worth of ammunitions and other war materials used by the allied forces against the remaining Japanese forces who were holed up in this part of Ifugao.
4. St. Joseph Church

St. Joseph Church Kiangan
St. Joseph Church in Kiangan (credit: Rep. Baguilat Facebook Page)

5. Ambuaya Lake
6. Hulit Falls
7. Kiangan Rice Terraces
8. Pangaggawan Cave
9. Mount Anapawon – a good camping site. It provides a good view of Hungduan municipality.
10. Nagacadan and Julongan rice terraces
11. Ibulao River Rock Formation
12. Mt. Kappugan and Uttu Waterfall
13. Bagnit Waterfall

Lagawe Places to Visit
1. Bintakan Cave
2. Nahtoban Cave in Barangay Boliwong
3. St. Mary Magdalene Church

St. Mary Magdalene Church Lagawe, Ifugao
St. Mary Magdalene Church

4. Ibulao River
5. Provincial Capitol Park

1. Mt. Matangili Rock

2. Magulon View Deck
3. Mt. Kallugong
4. Hollowon Waterfalls

Mayoyao Tourist Spots
1. Mayoyao Rice Terraces

Mayoyao Rice Terraces
Rice Terraces in Mayoyao

2. Habbang Bridge and Picnic Ground
3. Awa View Deck
4. Tenogtog Falls – Go here to see photos and video of the waterfalls
5. Apfo’or Burial Tombs
6. Mt. Amuyao
7. Lumaguid Stone

Tinoc Attraction
1. Tukukan Hot Spring
2. Bungubung Tunnels in Barangay Wangwang
3. Highest elevation of the Philippine Highway System

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