Sam Altman Biography

Sam Altman is an Jewish American entrepreneur, investor, and programmer. He is best known as the chief executive officer (CEO) of OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence (AI) research laboratory which is intent on developing safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence.

Personal Information
Complete Name –> Samuel Harris Altman
Nickname –> Sam
Birth Date –> April 22, 1985 (Age )
Hometown –> Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Brother –> Jack Altman

College –> Stanford University
Degree –> Computer Science (dropped out after one year)

Work Experiences / Business
* Chief Executive Officer (CEO), OpenAI
* Chairman of the Board, Helion and Oklo (Nuclear Energy companies)
* Co-founder, Tools For Humanity (WorldCoin Cryptocurrency)
* Former Chairman of the Board and Former President, Y Combinator
* Co-Founder, Hydrazine Capital
* Co-Founder, Loopt

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