August 4 2023 Gospel Reading and Reflection

8/4/2023 (Friday) Today’s gospel reading: Matthew 13:54-58

54 Jesus came to his native place and taught the people in their synagogue.
They were astonished and said, “Where did this man get such wisdom and mighty deeds?
55 Is he not the carpenter’s son? Is not his mother named Mary and his brothers James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas?
56 Are not his sisters all with us? Where did this man get all this?”
57 And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his native place and in his own house.”
58 And he did not work many mighty deeds there because of their lack of faith.

8/4/2023 (Friday) Today’s gospel reflection: Matthew 13:54-58

The people of Nazareth have heard the preachings of Jesus. They have also witnessed His mighty deeds. They could have developed faith but instead, they rejected Him and even took offense of Him. They could not accept that a member of their clan could do these marvelous deeds. Too bad, their lack of faith and perhaps jealousy prevented them from acquiring wisdom by listening to a great teacher and experiencing more miracles that could have benefited their families. Indeed many people miss opportunities that come their way because they are not open to possibilities that our mighty God can do.


In our search for the truth, we also ask some questions which is not bad per se. However, in the gospel passage above, the people of Nazareth asked questions not really to know the truth of who Jesus is but rather to spite or ridicule the Lord. Even today, some people ask questions not really to know the answer but to argue and to let others know they are knowledgeable. So it boils down to our motivations. Let us therefore keep on asking questions like a curious child with the intention of acquiring wisdom and let us allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and grant us the gift of wisdom to know God and His will for us.

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Gospel Reading with Reflection for August 4, 2023
Gospel Reading with Reflection for August 4, 2023

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