The cryptographic environment has had a significant development in recent years, to the point that many institutions such as central banks and even governments are considering the idea of regulating and adopting them as part of the traditional economy of the countries.

The cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization to date are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, and Dogecoin; they have generated opportunities and benefits for their users and the platforms that operate with them through their Exchanges.

Exchange ranking in the world

There are many platforms worldwide such as Bitcode Method with which you can operate and carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies. Still, as is the case with the selection of cryptocurrencies that best suits the user’s taste, the exchange platform choice is pretty close.

● Coinbase
This platform is characterized by being the best-known and oldest worldwide, as well as its ability to operate in more than 100 countries and with millions of subscribed users.

This Exchange allows its users to carry out various digital financial operations, such as the purchase, sale, and Exchange of digital currencies reliably and securely; it has several private and corporate services that are attractive to many users.

● Binance
The easy access to this exchange platform has positioned it as one of the most solid in the cryptocurrency market, offering around 150 digital currencies trading. Moreover, it provides not only the desktop version but also the mobile one with the primary objective that its users are up to date with their investments. It handles fees of 0.1% for cryptocurrency purchase and sale operations, and transactions such as deposits and withdrawals have no cost.

● Local Bitcoins
Trading cryptocurrencies characterize by the purchase and sale of said digital currencies The purchase and sale operations. Registration fees are free of charge. On the other hand, sending and receiving transactions with external wallets have a variable commission depending on the use of the blockchain.

Like the platforms mentioned above, it has an acceptable level of positioning worldwide, in addition to offering an electronic wallet service to receive and send Bitcoins. The guarantees it offers buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies make this exchange platform relatively attractive; its operations are reliable because it allows its users to be qualified for their transactions.

● BitMEX
It was founded by investors of British origin and used mainly by traders with advanced experience in the crypto-assets market, its access until now is only done through the website using a desktop computer.

As far as security is concerned, it has used rigorous security systems and protection of the information of its users as well as of the operations executed under the platform.

● Huobi
It is among the leading exchange platforms, with more than 300 crypto assets available to its users and a host of services ranging from staking to crypto lending and NFT auctions.

You may prefer one of the most complete; it allows you to store investors’ digital assets safely. Huobi offers its users discounts that can reach 50% of the commissions generated by trading operations and a margin of 0.2% for the purchase, sale, and withdrawals of digital currencies.

● OKEx
It is considered an advanced exchange platform that both beginners and experienced crypto traders can relate to. Through this platform, you can carry out operations for the purchase and sale of crypto assets and trading and mining. Their commissions or fees for the use and management of the platform could vary from 0.09% to 0.15% for the taker and from 0.06% to 0.1% for the maker; on the other hand, the withdrawals and deposits of Cryptocurrencies generate a commission that varies according to the number of operations that are carried out.

Many platforms allow users worldwide to have a variety when choosing the best broker or Exchange that guarantees the security and reliability they seek. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies It has turned out to be a business with significant global impact, where all participants have the same possibility of obtaining profits as
long as the risks to which they are exposed in this digital market are managed in a
timely and planned manner.

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