List of inventors and their inventions; Who invented what?

Nowadays, we have all the products and amenities to live in comfort and safety. Thanks to the works of great men and women who invented or discovered materials and processes in the past. Below is a list of scientists, engineers, and businessmen from all over the world who contributed to modern life with their inventions and discoveries. (This is a developing story. Please come back for updates.)

Name of Inventor Nationality Invention
Ernst Karl Abbe German Refractometer
Joseph Aspdin British Portland Cement
Jerónimo de Ayanz Spanish Steam-operated machine (1606), First air conditioning system
Charles Babbage British Digital Computer
Alexander Graham Bell American Telephone
Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canadian Snowmobile
Josephine Cochrane American Dishwasher using water pressure
James Dyson British Vacuum Cleaner, Hair dryer
Thomas Edison American Phonograph, Electricity, Light Bulb, Others
Alexander Fleming British Penicillin
Benjamin Franklin American Lightning rod, Iron furnace stove, Bifocal glasses, Odometer
Henry Ford American Assembly line manufacturing
Johannes Gutenberg German Printing press machine
Herman Hollerith American Tabulating machine
Steve Jobs American Apple personal computer, IPhone, Ipad
Nancy Johnson American Ice cream machine
Margaret Knight American Square-bottom paper bag making machine
Hedy Lamarr American Radio guidance system
William Lear American Aircraft navigational equipment
Tim Berners-Lee American World Wide Web
Ada Lovelace British Computer algorithm
Louis Lumière French Cinematography
Guglielmo Marconi Italian Radio
Samuel Morse American Single-wire telegraph system called Morse Code
James Naismith Canadian Basketball
Thomas Newcomen British Newcomen steam engine
Dennis Papin British Pressure Cooker
Louis Pasteur French Vaccination and pasteurization
Josef Ressel Czeck-German Ship Propeller
Wilhelm Röntgen German X-Ray Technology
Thomas Savery British First steam engine
Nikola Tesla American Alternating Current (AC), Induction motor, Coil
James Watt British Watt Steam Engine
Eli Whitney American Cotton Gin
Famous Inventors
Famous Inventors

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