San Fernando Masbate Election 2022 Candidates

Here is the partial and unofficial list of candidates in the municipality of San Fernando, Masbate Province. This is a developing story.

Candidates for Mayor:
Byron Angelo Bravo (National Unity Party) – incumbent mayor
Glenn Alvarez (PDP-Laban)

Candidates for Vice Mayor:
Adelfa “Ading” E. Nacional (NUP) – incumbent vice mayor
Fernando “Baby” Mogueis (PDP-Laban)

Candidates for Councilors:
Clark Abapo (PDP-Laban)
Rene Alindogan (NUP)
Rodolfo “Ompoy” Badillo (PDP-Laban)
Cezar “Boyet” Bisnar (PDP-Laban)
Liza Brabante (PDP-Laban)
Julio Cantre (PDP-Laban)
Gary Cantuba (NUP)
Piedad “Paying” Capariño (NUP)
Rex Clemente (NUP)
Hellie “Honey” Desdir (PDP-Laban)
Romeo “Dongdong” Espejon (NUP)
Isidro “Bong” Ibañez III (PDP-Laban)
Yke Lim (NUP)
Niccolo “Nico” Llacer (NUP)
Jojit Medina (Independent)
Jefferson Reyes (Independent)
Virgilio Ribas (PDP-Laban)
Don Solis (NUP))

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