Guimaras Election 2022 Candidates

Here is the partial and unofficial list of candidates for the 2022 elections in Guimaras Province. This is a developing story.

Candidates for Governor:
Jose Ramon Cacho (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan or KBL)
Joaquin Carlos Rahman “JC” Nava (National Unity Party or NUP) – Former Congressman

Candidates for Vice Governor:
John Edward Gando (PDP-Laban) – incumbent vice governor
Johnny Bert Habaña (Partido Federal ng Pilipinas or PFP)

Candidates for Congressman (Lone District):
Maria Lucille Nava (PDP-Laban) – incumbent congressman
Diosdado “Dado” Veloso (KBL)

Candidates for Board Member (First District):
Rogelio “Roger” Artajo (PFP)
Raymond Gavileño (PDP-Laban)
Cecile Gumarin (PDP-Laban)
Perfecto “Boking” Habaña Jr. (PDP-Laban)
Pacifico “Pykes” Talabero (PFP)
Aurelio “Apoy” Tionado (PDP-Laban)

Candidates for Board Member (Second District):
Alejandro “Doc Alex” Araneta (NUP)
Alexcaesar “Boy” Callado (Promdi)
Marilyn “Lynlyn” Edang (NUP)
Felipe Hilan “Nene” Nava (NUP) – Former governor
Luben Vilches (PDP-Laban)

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