Lisandro Claudio Biography

Lisandro Claudio is a Filipino author, historian, critic, educator and social media influencer.

Personal Information
Full Name : Lisandro Estrada Claudio
Nickname : Leloy
Birth Date : N/A
Hometown : Quezon City, Philippines

Father : Dr. Rafael Claudio (twin-bother of former Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Political Adviser Gabriel Claudio) from Catbalogan, Samar
Mother : Sylvia Estrada Claudio
Brothers: Basil Claudio, Redd Claudio
Maternal Grandfather : Horacio Estrada
Maternal Grandmother : Rita Maurat Domingo Estrada

PhD : University of Melbourne
Postdoctoral Fellowship : Kyoto University’ Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Career Highlights
* Faculty Member, University of California in Berkeley
* Assistant Professor, De La Salle University College of Liberal Arts

Books Published
2018 – Jose Rizal: Liberalism and the Paradox of Coloniality
2017 – Liberalism and the Postcolony: Thinking the State in 20th-century Philippines
2016 – Basagan Ng Trip: Complaints About Filipino Culture and Politics
2013 – Taming People’s Power: The EDSA Revolutions and their Contradictions

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