How Efi Arazi Became Rich with Digital Printing

On April 14 in the year 1937, one of the pioneers in the use of high technology for the printing industry was born in Jerasulem, Israel. His name was Efraim “Efi” Arazi, the founder of Scitex Corporation and Electronics for Imaging (EFI). Hailed as technological genius, he is considered as one of the fathers of Israel’s high-technology industry.

Efi Arazi
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Coming from a middle class family, Efi Arazi studied electronics at the Israeli Air Force Technological Academy before he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to study engineering. As a student, he collaborated with Mario Grosi, a Harvard Professor, to create the television camera used in the Apollo 11 mission.

In 1968, Efi Arazi founded Scientific Technology that later became Scitex Corporation. Its first business was the manufacture of machines for the textile industry but evolved into a pioneer in the development of a computer-to-plate machine, a process where digital files are converted into plates for printing. Eventually, his digital printing technology created and led digital color pre-press market and in the process, changed the printing industry forever. By the 1990s, Scitex dominated the field of digital printing with annual turnover of a little less than a billion US dollars.

Efi Arazi stepped down as CEO in 1988 to focus on his newly established company called Electronics for Imaging (EFI), a company that designs and sells systems and software for high-quality color printing. It was another successful firm that was valued at more than a billion dollars at the time of his death.

Efi Arazi died in 2013 at the age of 76. Ha married five times and had two children with his first wife.


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