The Rags-to-Riches Story of Daymond John

On February 23 in the year 1969, the man who turned a small capital into a multimillion fashion business was born in New York, USA. His name is Daymond Garfield John, the founder of fashion house FUBU and one of the investors in the reality television series Shark Tanks.

Daymond John
Daymond John (Photo Credit: wiki common)

Daymond was ten years old when his parents divorced and he grew up with his mother. He started working to support himself and his unemployed mother. While still in grade school, he distributed flyers for $2 an hour during his free time. In high school, he continued working, this time as a waiter at Red Lobster Restaurant. After high school, he started a commuter van service.

One day, his mother ask him what he really wants to do for the rest of his life. His answer was to start an apparel company for men. So his mother taught him how to sew. Using his $40 savings, he bought some fabrics, called some friends to help him, and made a bunch of beautiful hats in his home. Surprised, the hats were sold in minutes, earning him and his friends $800.

In 1992, with the imprimatur of his mother, Daymond mortgaged the family home for $100,000 to start FUBU (For Us, By Us). They made not only hats but printed T-shirts as well. At that time, The T-shirts carried messages and slogans about celebrities such as Rodney King and Mike Tyson. The business went off to a good start through creative marketing. They sold their products on street corners and events. Later, they hired well-known personalities to wear their clothes and music videos were uploaded on YouTube. After six years, the company topped $350 million in annual sales.

In 2007, Daymond published his first book Display of Power which is actually his autobiography. He went on to successfully publish two more bestseller books. Acquiring celebrity status, he became a motivational speaker with almost regular TV interviews.

In 2009, Daymond joined the television series Shark Tanks as one of the judges. As of 2015, he claimed to have invested over $7 million. His net worth as of April 18, 2021 was estimated at $295 Million.


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