Inspiration: We Survived 2020

Looking back, 2020 was either a difficult year or a challenging one depending on your perspective. Yet, however you describe it, the year ended and we are still breathing. In other words, we survived. This is a feat!

For a believer, we didn’t survived because of our own power or intelligence. We are still alive because we have a higher being who protected us. That higher being (or should it be called “Highest Being”?) did not allow us to “go home” yet. For this fact alone, we should be grateful.

Personally, I do thank God because He is truly amazing. He is indeed the God of creation and of restoration, the God of beginnings and endings, the God who give many chances to people who never give up.

I look up to this new year, 2021, as another chance to be renewed. I welcome this year as another opportunity to grow in faith and love. I embrace this year as part of my journey to learn more and to serve more. I am humbled by a wondrous God who has given me another year to experience His daily miracles in my life.

As part of my celebration of the new year, I want to offer a hymn of praise to my creator: How great thou art!.

Happy New Year to everyone!

How Great Thou Art
How Great Thou Art


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