The Life of Ferdinand Porsche: Car Engineer and Entrepreneur

On this day, September 3 in the year 1875, the founder of Porsche Car Company (Porsche AG) was born in Bohemia, Austro-Hungarian Empire (Now, Czech Republic). His name was Ferdinand Porsche, one of the greatest car engineers who designed the popular Volkswagen Beetle.

Ferdinand Porsche
Ferdinand Porsche (Credit:

Personal Information
Name –> Ferdinand Porsche
Birth Date –> September 3, 1875
Died –> January 30, 1951 (aged 75)
Country –> Czech Republic (Formerly part of Germany)

Wife –> N/A
Children –> 2
Father –> Anton Porsche (Master Car Repairman)
Mother –> Anna Ehrlich Porsche

College –> Imperial Polytechnical College

Ferdinand Porsche was the son of a master car repairman. At night, he attended classes at a local technical school and during the day, he helped his father in his shop. As a young teenager, he tinkered with electrical materials and then one night, he illuminated the family home with electricity, to the delight of his father and the neighbors.

When he was 18 years old, Ferdinand Porsche was sent to Vienna to work at Bela Egger, an electrical equipment manufacturer. After 4 years, he was promoted as manager. In 1898, he was hired by carnage manufacturer to design a car powered by an electric motor. His design was displayed at the 1900 Paris World Exhibition. He went on to join the Austro-Daimler Company as technical manager in 1916 and the following year, he received his honorary doctorate degree from the Vienna University of Technology.

In 1923, Ferdinand Porsche became the managing director of Daimler Motors where he supervised the development of Mercedes-Benz SSK, a successful race car. In 1931, he setup his own car company, the Porsche AG. One of its initial projects was the design of the Volkswagen Beetle. During World War II, the company designed military vehicles for the German Army, notably the Tiger tank. After the war, he was arrested and imprisoned by the French. When he was released, he continued to make cars with the help of his son. Their sports car became very popular due to high performance and high quality.

In 1951, Ferdinand Porsche died of stroke at age 75. He had two children.


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