The Success Story of Manuel Pangilinan

On this day, July 14 in the year 1946, the CEO of First Pacific Group was born in Manila, Philippines. His name is Manuel Velez Pangilinan, the man who controls the biggest utility companies in the Philippines.

Manuel Pangilinan
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Manuel Pangilinan who is popularly known as MVP, was born to a middle class family. His father was a former bank president and his grandfather was a former secretary of education. He finished a degree in economics from the Ateneo de Manila University and his MBA from Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. Upon his return to the Philippines after graduation, he got a job as executive assistant to the president of one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines. After 6 years, he proceeded to Hong Kong to work in a Filipino-owned investment company. Later, he transferred to an affiliate of American Express.

In 1981, he founded First Pacific (FP) with the help of an Indonesian billionaire. Together, they propelled FP to what it is today: a holding company that owns the largest food company in Indonesia and all the largest utility companies in the Philippines including telecommunication, electricity distribution and generation, water, and transportation. It also owned the largest mining company, the largest hospital group, and the largest media group which includes a television station and several newspapers. It has also investments in Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.

MVP is the owner of a basketball team in the Philippines. He has mobilized his entire group of companies to help in previous calamities that hit the Philippines. He is single.

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