Something New for Today July 4

Something New is Going to Happen Today July 4
Something New is Going to Happen Today July 4 (Background photo from pixabay)

“They put new wine into new skins and both are preserved.”
– Matthew 9:17

The passage above is taken from today’s gospel which is about feasting, fasting and having a new time. Jesus says we don’t put new wine into old wineskin. Otherwise, the skins burst and the wine spills out.

This is a beautiful message for those who want something new or for those who are starting a new journey like me. We learn from the old but let us be open and willing to embrace the new. Let us move on.

Personally, something was going on in my mind since last Sunday. I prayed for guidance and last Wednesday, I got something I didn’t like. I was totally disappointed but yesterday, I thought it was just the right answer to my prayer. I am now planning to start a new blog or a new business or redirect this blog. I am looking forward to a new beginning from today. Definitely, I want something new to happen in my life!

Today, July 4 is a special day for the Americans. It is their Independence Day. It is also the day in 1946 when the Philippines became “independent” from the United States although we now celebrate June 12 as our independence day.

I am now invoking the help of the whole universe and its Creator. I want to be transformed! I want my own “Independence”, my “new Normal”. I want to be F-R-E-E!

Independence Day
Independence Day (pixabay photo)


    • We celebrate our independence day on June 12 but before 1965, we did celebrated it on the same day as the Americans

  1. Happy Independence Day to you also. I, also, did not know Phillippines were given independence on July 4th. Do you know why they changed it to July 12?

    • Before 1965, we celebrated our independence on July 4. Then President Macapagal changed it to June 12, the day Emilio Aguinaldo, our first president, declared Philippine independence from Spanish authorities in 1898.

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