S. L. Kirloskar: one of India’s greatest industrialists

On this day, May 28 in the year 1903, the man behind the growth of the largest Indian engineering conglomerate was born in Pune, India. His name is Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar, one of the greatest industrialists that contributed to the development of Indian economy.

SL Kirloskar.jpeg
SL Kirloskar (Credit: alchetron)

S. L. Kirloskar was the eldest child of the founder of the Kirloskar Group which was established in 1888. The group was the first domestic company to produce many of India’s industrial products including its first iron plough.

S. L. was one of the first Indians to graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When he returned to India after graduation, he went to work in the family business. After World War II, he expanded the business by putting up Kirloskar Electric Company and Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited. He is a great believer in India’s capacity to compete in the world market. He published his autobiography entitled Cactus and Roses.

Today, the Kirloskar Group operates in many countries around the world. It produces and exports a wide range of engineering products which include pumps, engines, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The group is also a supplier of anti-corrosion coatings and castings for the automotive industry.

In 1994, S. L. Kirloskar died of stroke at the age of 90. He had two sons with his wife Yamuna. To mark his 100th birth anniversary, a commemorative stamp was released by the Indian Government.


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