Dustin Moskovitz: the lesser known Facebook founder

If someone ask you who founded Facebook, in all likelihood, you will utter only one name, Mark Zuckerberg and you are right. No. Actually you are not. Mark was not alone in bringing Facebook to the light of day. There is another founder, the little known Dustin Moskovitz. Before Kylie Jenner, he was the youngest self-made billionaire at 28 years old. As of May 23, 2020, his net worth was $14.4 billion, according to forbes.com.

Dustin Moskovitz
Dustin Moskovitz (Credit: Venture News)

Dustin Moskovitz was born in Florida on May 22, 1984, 8 days after Mark Zuckerberg came out of his mother’s womb. Dustin’s father was a psychiatrist while his mother was a former teacher. He enrolled at Harvard University taking up economics. At the Harvard dormitory, he met Mark and the two became roommates. Not long after, Both of them quit school to work full time in their new social networking company. At Facebook, he was the Chief Technology Officer and later vice president of engineering. In 2008, he left Facebook to explore other areas.

Together with former Facebook engineering manager Justin Rosenstein, Dustin founded Asana, a provider of task management software. He also invested in other start-up companies such as photo-sharing site Path.

In politics, Dustin is a vocal supporter of the Democratic Party. In the presidential election of 2016, he and his wife donated $20 million for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

Dustin is married to Cari Tuna. As a couple, they established Good Ventures, a private foundation that donated funds for charitable organizations.

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