How Barry Lam Became a Billionaire with his Quanta Computers

On this day, April 24 in the year 1949, one of the wealthiest Taiwanese entrepreneurs was born in Shanghai, China. His name is Barry Lam, the founder of Quanta Computer, one of the world’s leading laptop manufacturers. According to, his net worth was $4.2 billion as of today April 24, 2020.

Barry Lam
Barry Lam (Credit: Alchetron photo)

Barry was the son of an accountant. Although he grew up in Hong Kong, he moved to Taiwan where he acquired his bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from the National Taiwan University. In 1973, Barry and some other partners founded Kinpo Electronics, a contract manufacturer of handheld calculators. In 1988, he left Kinpo to established Quanta Computer to design and manufacture laptop computers. Early on, he envisioned the company to be an independent producer with its own brand and not just a supplier to an established company. As a visionary, he foresaw the emergence of notebook computers as the next coveted product. He went on to established his own capable design team and at the same time streamline the company’s supply chain in order to meet the demands of sophisticated customers.

In 1996, Quanta became Taiwan’s largest computer notebook producer. In 1999, it launched its initial public offering at the Taiwan Stock Exchange. In 2005, Quanta Computer was announced as the original design manufacturer (ODM) for the XO-1 by the One Laptop per Child project.
In 2011, the company began to offer cloud computing services.

Barry is married and has two sons. In 2019, Quanta is ranked #365 in the Fortune Global 500 with revenues of $34.2 billion and employees of over 92,000 worldwide. It has been in the Fortune list since 2005.


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