Famous Economists from around the World and their Contribution: List

Here is a list of known economists from around the world. You may click on the link to see the brief biography of that particular economist with his or her contribution to the development of economic science.

Adam Smith United Kingdom
Alp Simsek Turkey
Arthur Hadley United States
Bertil Ohlin Sweden
Sir Christopher Antoniou Pissarides United Kingdom / Cyprus
Dale Thomas Mortensen United States
David Ricardo Great Britain
Friedrich Hayek Austria / Germany
Ha-Joon Chang South Korea
Jean Bodin United States
Joan Robinson United Kingdom
John Law United Kingdom
John Kenneth Galbraith United States
John Maynard Keynes United Kingdom
Joseph Schumpeter United States / Germany
Karl Marx Germany
Moses Abramovitz United States
Nicholas Stern United Kingdom
Oliver Sprague United States
Paul Collier United Kingdom
Peter Diamond United States
Robert H. Frank United States
Ronald Ehrenberg USA
Stephen Dubner United States
Steven Levitt United States
Thomas Sowell United States
Vernon Smith United States
Famous Economists of the World
Famous Economists of the World

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